Your week at McNally Jackson is short, except for all those times you’re going to come and sit in our extremely pleasant cafe which has its windows open because Sarah McNally says winter is over:

Tonight: Eleanor Henderson is here, and Guy Gugliotta is there

Wednesday: Real Characters—the monthly comedy bonanza or “comanza” that happens here, well, every month—is back, this time with Simon Doonan, Mike Doughty, Jullianne Smolinski (aka @boobsradley), Steve Zimmer and Cole Nissan.

But seriously it’s cool that this week is relaxed because soon we have (gird yourselves!): Hari Kunzru, Jeanette Winterson, Cheryl Strayed (aka Sugar from the Rumpus) and a whole bunch of others. Also: Patti Smith.

Reject 37


If love is between laundry folds
and metal ores yet to be separated
and shimmer as an afternoon banjo-
plucked porch light clack of teeth
in a vaulting kiss over the high bar
of our desire for one another
to scream when dark crumples
around us, then we might as well
shower while we wait.

-C.S. Henderson